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Kerri Krysko Nationally Bestselling Author



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"Negative people speak in swirls of toxic attitude, coupled with their abbreviations of half-truths and jagged-edges"

Kerri Krysko

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Kerri - On


Kerri shares an inspirational journey, from a lonely child, to an abandoned teenager, abused wife , to an independent woman. She was belittled and victimized by people whom she loved and a man who used her in his own vindictive games.


By finding the warmth within her heart and watching those around her she transformed her own self built prison walls of self-loathing to self discovery.​


We are not alone she tells us: we are all deserving of the chance to be the child we were never allowed to be, and the adults we are meant to become.


2ndEdition of Kerri On now available


 E-Book "Kerri On & Kerried Away" Is NOW Available on/at the    *GooglePlayStore*







"Families Against Drunk Driving ~ CEO John Nelson"


" We are committed to changing the lives of people who have been effected by the harsh realities of hardships , addictions and abuse. To have been blessed with the oppurtunity to help others to say the least, is something my corporation stands by. Its a rare occurrence when you find others that put their own lives on the line to do the same. I can not only empathize with Kerris story, but also see the dramatic impact her experiences can benefit our world. I look forward to working with her in the future and using this a basis to many great endeavors".

"New York Times Bestselling Author ~ Jay Dobyns"


"Kerri bares her soul writing from the heart of a culture, that is both unforgiving and punishing toward disobedience. A brutally honest story that is moving, frightening and most importantly inspiring."

" CTV2 Alberta Primetime Host ~ Jennifer Martin "


"When there is hurt, those who heal and go on with kindness are truly the Strongest and Bravest. May they help the wounded, those still in pain, those still hurting themselves and others, those who have not yet discovered the way to true self worth, forgiveness and love" You are one of the strong Kerri.

"Everytime someone cared, it gave me a strength  and will to survive. A relentless power to do the battle and fight for the promise of a better day , a better life and a place to finally belong"

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"The beauty in life, is in the way YOU and YOU alone, perceive it to BE"

Kerrie-ed Away, book 2 in the Kerri Series will be released within the next 8 weeks. Look for it on the google playstore for pre-order on starting April 15th 2015.

Kerried Away part two-in her series: delves deeper into the dark side of her upcoming nuptials - an engagement straight from hell - and the cycle that Kerri, plus her two sons endured.


In this dysfunctional liaison, she was to find herself face to face with a monstor. The Beast she called him; one moment a man from a fairy tale and the next her worst nightmare. He would interrogate her for hours, then give her diamonds the next day only to beat her the day after. The real became the unreal , even delusional - to the point that in her reality , she didn't mind him touching other woman , as long as he didn't touch her. She had no one, he had everyone. The power of the patch she called it for a time, until her darkness became her salvation and the world became her future......


Kerri survived and her life story continues here....

Kerried Away

Kerri Krysko

Kerri Krysko






Feb 6 2014

Morning show with Heather Madoux

Detroit, MI

March 15, 2015

Is no longer with Friessen Press

June 2014

Dropped by the Chapters location and visited.

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"People who have to rely on their instincts, to live; tend to be more perceptive then others. Its a matter of survival and not the musings or actions of an unstable person"



Support Listening & Keynote Speaking 


Ms. Krysko is now offering supportive listening, with one on one phone calls , to those who may need help ( in areas of discretion and advice).


To book Ms. Kryko for your own personal phone call and immediate support , please go to service page, to fill out the form.




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"My visions as a child gained me an unrealistic view on reality. A reality that set the course on the friends I would gain and the guys I would date"

Kerri Krysko

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