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CTV Primetime Show with Jennifer Martin

When I spoke with Jennifer , what touched me above all else was that she said this to me. She was not only reading my book "Kerri On" for our interview , she was also reading it for herself and she could honestly understand what was being said. Kerri On, from what I hear from many people, has the effect of mirroring your own cycles of life and has you reflecting on your own past.

What a wonderful appearance on Alberta PrimeTime TV Show and meeting with Jennifer. I discussed with her thus far what it was like in that life, a little lead into part 2.."Kerried Away".

Jennifer Martin is one of those exceptional women who can empathize and understand the dynamics of life. I am honored to have recently connected with her and very much enjoyed her show. I am so pleased she was the 1st to interview me on camera, what a doll..

Hells Angel Book in search on Alberta Primetime: LINK TO TV INTERVIEW ABOVE

BLOG Interview In August 2013

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