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"New York Times Bestselling Author ~ Jay Dobyns"


"Kerri bears her soul writing from the heart of a culture, that is both unforgiving and punishing toward disobedience. A brutally honest story that is moving, frightening and most importantly inspiring."



Community Support and Youth Worker



" Intriguing, with truth and powerful strength! This is a story that will captivate thousands and help millions. Read and feel the raw reality and emotion of true pain, suffering and ultimately healing "

"Families Against Drunk Driving ~ CEO John Nelson"


" We are committed to changing the lives of people who have been effected by the harsh realities of hardships , addictions and abuse. To have been blessed with the opportunity to help others to say the least, is something my corporation stands by. Its a rare occurrence when you find others that put their own lives on the line to do the same. I can not only empathize with Kerris story, but also see the dramatic impact her experiences can benefit our world. I look forward to working with her in the future and using this a basis to many great endeavors".

" CTV2 Alberta Primetime Host ~ Jennifer Martin "


"When there is hurt, those who heal and go on with kindness are truly the Strongest and Bravest. May they help the wounded, those still in pain, those still hurting themselves and others, those who have not yet discovered the way to true self worth, forgiveness and love" You are one of the strong Kerri.​




" A&E 's  Auctioneer on Storage Wars NYC  ~ John Luke "


"Kerri Krysko has a way of captivating audiences around the world. I wouldnt doubt if one day I get a call to come visit On-Set of her own movie, being re-created by a hollywood producer. She writes with an integrity as to not hurt people, but to help them. When you give back good, to the world, such as she has with her courgeous act, it is repayed tenfold. She will help more people than she realizes with her true life story, "Kerri On , Kerri".  I see great things in store for Ms.Krysko and I'm sure to see her in New York, one day soon".



" Independent Country Artist of the Year, Nashville TN  ~ Chase Allen  "


"This is an incredible True Story that shows us through the most Unsurmountable Odds, Kerri was triumphant over obstacles, fears and adversity in her life. Her story defines what it is to overcome against all odds...she shows us there is light at the end of the tunnel for all of us, and a new beginning. It's hard not to be a fan of Kerri Krysko , I sure am; her story is what Great Songs are made of".

 " OLN's Baliff on " The Liquidator ~ Sheldon Stibbs  "


"Kerri Krysko takes us into a world full of Sadness, Fear, Self-Doubt ; with mental and physical abuse. Yet she finds the courage and determination to overcome a devastating situation of life and ultimately death. Emerging a shining light within a world of darkness. Kerri is a true breathe of fresh air , she gives us all hope that there is an ability to "Kerri On", no matter what life may have in store for you! This book is a must read for anyone and everyone with a Soul.

" Ministry of Social  Development SDSI ~ Ian Hern "


"A thoroughly engaging read...Kerri On is at once, both a deeply intimate and deeply distrubing view, into the many faces of abuse, and a heart-warming promise of the value of hope. This book is for everyone who has ever been afraid of the dark.... I am inspired."

"Gangsters Out ~ Tom Jones"


"Kerri is not a politician. She's just a girl who became a woman and a mother looking for love and devotion just like everyone else. She found a dark world filled with secrets and lies that enslaved her. It took a lot of strength to leave that world.It took even more to rise above to help others.


They say diamonds are made from years of intense pressure , like gold is purified in the refiners fire.Kerri Is a real diamond.She is no fake.Her circumstances didnt make her, they simply revealed the type of person she really is: genuine, heartfelt and compassionate. I totally recommend her series to anyone who wants to rise above the darkness and embrace the light , the good  this world has to offer, without letting the darkness and jealousy of others drag you down and drown you.


Hope floats and so does Kerri Krysko. Yet she does more than that. Kerri shines like the diamond she really is. Like the French Lady Liberty, she lifts her torch and shows the way to rise above the dark secrets as well as abuse and embrace a whole new world of hope, love and peace. That is the life we were created to experience. Kerri On".

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