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I wrote for our people, not other authors

I wrote for our people, not other authors, but for people; from the raw intimacy of my very soul . I didn't fluff anything up . I simply wrote.

I let it pour out of me, sharing with you the deepest corners of my heart.

I'm overwhelmed that so many have come forward with their own stories and I promise to get to each and everyone of you.

The media I am honored to answer as many questions as I can , and to honor the appearances I already have booked and commit to new ones as well. Your all just so amazing. I dont beleive your commended enough in the public eye. So, thank-you once again.

We as people need to be there for each other, and understand that we all have feelings , our own thoughts and our opinions on what is right and what is wrong. We can achieve so much with the power of belief and kindness.

I want everyone to know that as many people that believed in me , is how much I believe in all of you. I cannot thank everyone enough. Truly, you've all really just touched my very heart and really pushed me to continue on my quest to help others. I am deeply humbled.

I reached #1 in the top 20 and even made worldnews headlines. Sometimes I have to pinch myself to see if this is all real.

I would also like to thank the big guys at Chapters/Indigo and Barnes N Noble , whom believed in the potential of my memoir, true story . Honestly , if anyone of them are reading this; Thank-You so very , very much. Simply for believing in my book, its success and most of all believing in me. I have been able to help so many people and even break a few records .Thank-YOU!

ON Another Note....

Was self publishing a great idea? I have went over this within my mind for months now and here is what I conclude...

I have alot of authors seeking me out , asking for advice and all I can say to them (even myself) is each story is unique and different , with one success , another might fail. It is not upto me and my expertise to give advice on that matter, as I am new to this as well.

I tried self publishing and I can say with my true story only this~ I've SOLDThousands of Paperback BOOKS in such a short time, without ever releasing an e-book.

I did not however follow the typically self published method that indie authors follow. I did things my way ( which was nice ) with the edge of a traditionally published marketing method. I did it upon my own gut instincts and that is what I followed. Like I said we are all different.

Often times throughout my life I would jump at chances, roll with the punches and take as much as I could on only to fall. Now I have learned to take things gracefully and allow certain factors to fall into place first.

"Always follow what your intuition tells you".

We are all the makers of our own destinies , with that said; my advice is, only you know what your book is capable of and only you know what you want to do and write.

I now know exactly what my book is capable of and I am going to take it there , into the lives and hearts of many. Not just woman but men as well. My book "Kerri On" is heading worldwide and I know it, as I have already had sales overseas.

Its extraordinary how much I to have learned.

Publishing is edgy , fierce and the competion is strong. Authors are to be commended in the work they do , writing is such a talent . I am honored to have connected with so many of you.

I did not write my book to compete however , I wrote my book to help people and shed light into the mind of a lost soul that was found.

So now that I do know more and have felt the industry out as I have , I can say I like the credentials that a traditionally published book can receive, editing+marketing+distribution+demand.

I would prefer that much better, and now know thats what Kerri On my true story needs, and darlings, I am not afraid to admit it. I embrace it whole heartedly.

I have enjoyed this experience in having control of my work and its amazing. I'm just ready for bigger things and to ultimately spend more time holding my hand out and helping others back up on their feet again. I have had a few publishing offers , but I am still entertaining other options.

I cannot believe the wide audience I do have. Thank heavens, during moments of self doubt and even excitement , another author who told me these words... before I crumbled, "Get ready its a roller coaster ride , for when it goes down it shoots right back up again. You have no idea the people you will reach with your book , a lot more then even you can imagine".

This from a NY Times bestselling author.

For the sake of reaching more people and keeping up with demand , I will NOT be independently publishing my next book Part two, "Kerried Away".

I am slowly allowing other doors to open and hopefully going with traditional publishing soon , so I can reach an even vaster amount of people. Now that my book and true story has reached the magnitude it has , its ready for the experts to handle. The demand and also inquires from so many different countries is amazing and once again I thank-you! I agree, it needs to be on shelves across our beautiful oceans. Perhaps soon I will be signed but until then we shall work on all these other avenues.....

My E-Book that so many inquire about . I will be looking into having it re-edited, with a (few) editors that deal with that generic of a book. More then likely I will be releasing the e-book for "Kerri On", at the same time I release part two, "Kerried Away". Instead of a three part series. I will be putting my book in only a part one and part two.

Let me tell you , book 2 goes hand in hand with part one but now with the rooky writing gone and Life As a Wife , this book is going to blow part one out of the park. Hold on ....

The other book , I was planning on placing in part 3 , is a bit of a surprise , but I will say this , it will fly off shelves such as "Kerri On" has and also be a first ever written book as well- A blend into the first two of my series... so I give to you all..... behind the eyes and in the mind of ...... a son~ His book is being ghost written and I will have no part of it.

This is time for my son to share his own thoughts, and shine.

I love people and all our countries , so therefore, I have to juggle a few things around to be more accommodating to everyone. I never expected the demand such as this and I apologize for any inconvenience or delay.

There WILL be photos in the second part of the Kerri Series, "Kerried Away"!

New Beginnings Blog Interview

I also did another blog for Laurie Pawlikkienlen, she does a new beginnings blog to give people hope, understanding and share certain life stories. I wrote out my answers to her questions as best I could, I know she did a little editing , where as I put Memoir she put Hells Angel book, but that was it. I wrote a book that has captured many peoples attention, and if it gives another hope than that is all I wish for. I had strength and believe me it didn't take me leaving to gain it, it took time, each day was a new day, but slowly and surely I healed... Here is the link to her blog and Interview I did for her.... She has a great heart by doing what she does and fulfilling her own destiny. For her to notice an article that was done on my book/myself and reach out to me regarding an interview was so thoughtful.

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